blackhawks jersey

No matter what the season or list, the Game 1 season is taken as what it is: Game 1.

For the Blackhawks Jersey, who spent a good portion of turnover, once again this offseason, there was some good, some bad. In other words, a typical game 1 for a team that, once again to adapt to changes in the world in the salary cap.

Do these first two paragraphs come off as vague? Yes, they were. The rest of this story clarifies things. So we have completed another season opener, we will look at five things to take 5-2 Blackhawks loss the Blues.

1. second period, no doubt. This was not the best part of the Blackhawks last season, and was not in Game 1 either. They were outshot 15-3 in the period, got a little sloppy with passes and goals sanctions and allowed two power play (Kevin Shattenkirk and Vladimir Tarasenko, who scored on a 5-in-3). And since we’re on that subject …

2. Poor night in penalty killing. The Blackhawks were not too happy with some of the sanctions at the end of the second period – the Blues won two 5-in-3s out of them. But even at 4-on-5, the killing was deficient in his first appearance of the season. It did not help that the Blackhawks were without Niklas Hjalmarsson (serving the last game of a suspension) and Andrew Desjardins (out 4-6 weeks). This was a sticking point for the Blackhawks too often last season, and is something you want to rectify this season.

3. A good night for Ryan Hartman, Tyler Motte. The two not much playing time in the first game is achieved, but a stranger in the second lifted the Blackhawks. Hartman lost his stick, on which Motte fired toward the area of the Blues. Hartman recovered just in time to keep the disc in the area and a few moments later had his first career NHL goal. It was a confidence builder for both. “We certainly put us in a great place,” coach Joel Quenneville said that goal. “Things were not going well at that time and was a fun change, we ended up getting a break and scoring. It was a changer boost for us. Those guys have done some good things during camp here, and we believe that these young people [ ] boys need to play and get better as we go along. ”

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4. Do not challenging enough blues. The Blackhawks seemed aggressive in the first period and after they left. As Quenneville said, the blues do not allow much, but the Blackhawks were not pressing the point until it was too late. It ended with only 19 shots on goal, and nine of them were in the first period. “We were not doing much of anything tonight, so it made it pretty easy on them in many ways,” said Jonathan Toews.

5. The balance between more minutes. Again, Wednesday’s game was different because of the amount of special teams Blackhawks game, but the team has to have bottom lines playing more than they did in Game 1. There will be growing pains with the young guys, but expects Quenneville. “We want to ensure that we are playing the right way from beginning to end,” he said. “There will definitely be some learning going on and we’ll be accepting mistakes are hard work, but that’s where it gets better.”


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